About Us


TransAct, Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide hands-on strategic online and offline direct marketing. Our specialties include website creation/refreshment, SEO/SEM, brand development, viral and social media integration, mobile device platforms, competitive market analyses, email, direct mail, collateral and customer loyalty programs. If you are a start-up looking to come out of the ground successfully or an existing business needing to re-engineer your in-market model, Contact Us. We are experienced at developing customer value propositions, acquisition models, persuasion marketing, channel selection and core messaging. We are known for our innovative, fresh ideas and deep domain expertise. The marketing and business philosophy that delivers our client solutions is grounded on the following principles:

  • Know your customer…authenticity rules … under-promise, over-deliver.
  • Niche trumps mass…always market to definable audiences; mass has now become a mass of niches.  
  • Bite-size communications work…create core messages that are simple yet profound, short, personal, highly relevant. 
  • Acceptance drives adoption…your customers will buy what they find useful; sell benefits not features. 
  • Value proposition…the implicit promise your company makes to its customers that actually can be delivered, daily. 
  • Operational excellence…deliver the highest performance level available in the industry, thus establishing a reputation for excellence. 
  • Buyer intimacy/Customer-centric…consistently give your customers what they want/need; cultivate customer relationships, not one-time transactions.