Reda Ali Charafeddine

Reda Ali Charafeddine is a senior, transmedia film maker with 15 years of proven ability to conceptualize, develop, manage and execute long and short-form, motion picture content for multimedia distribution.

Reda Charafeddine’s training in motion picture started with Buena Vista Pictures as a post-production assistant. He worked for the internal marketing team for feature length films like Monsters, Inc., Pearl Harbor and Gone in 60 Seconds. Since then Reda has worked on both coasts, in film, in Television and in Multimedia participating and making creative decisions in various facets of the motion picture industry.

Reda Charafeddine, in short, produces, writes, directs and edits. He strives in an environment where he can collaborate with creative, marketing and business teams to package a full experience for the user. He enjoys this process and finds that his most successful products were due to a combined effort of many smart and driven team members. Reda shines in the environment and navigates smoothly in this environment and I thrive in this environment.