The Direct Marketing Discipline


Strategic direct marketing (DM) is a targeted communications discipline that can be delivered online and offline. It's about more than making a sale. It's the business of persuasive ideas. Ideas that compel a prospect to become a customer … a repeat customer … a loyal customer. Properly executed, strategic direct marketing tells a story, makes certain promises, then delivers a timely, measurable result. The science behind DM is behavioral and quantitative and intends to impact "share of market." DM is truly a powerful tool that belongs in any company's marketing mix.

Successful Uses of DM:

• The total market is divided into identifiable niches which cannot be reached efficiently and affordably through general advertising.

• The need to generate sales leads on a regulated basis.

• A cost-effective opportunity to cross-sell existing customers.

• Short product life necessitates periodic re-selling in order to retain customers.

• Using DM for market research and market testing which yields results based on the dynamics of the marketplace and provides tangible evidence of the most productive market niches.


Proven Direct Marketing Principles:

Audience. The accuracy with which the appropriate audience can be reached is the dominant factor determining success or failure in DM. No matter how competitive the product/service or how brilliant the creative execution, if the core message reaches the wrong audience, the program will fail.

The Offer. Since DM creates immediate action, an attractive offer is mandatory. Deficient offers fail. Offers should be evaluated on the basis of unit cost per generated dollar of revenue over the lifetime of a customer.

Positioning. It is important to position the product/service against identifiable market niches. DM allows targeted positioning alternatives, matched to targeted audience niches which will increase response from each niche.

Creative. In DM the dominant function of creative is to optimally communicate and position the offer and convey the core message to the target niche. Brilliant creative execution can improve results over a relevant but mundane communication. But ... creative execution alone cannot rescue from disaster a communication that is off target.

Testing. In direct marketing "testing" is the hallmark of success. Testing is a continuous process, never to be overlooked.

The DM Success of Our Clients Has Been Based on:

• The thoroughness of our strategic thinking at the initial planning stages of a program, and our team's dedicated commitment to a partnership approach to business based on ideas that define solutions.

We are grateful to our clients which have recognized our work and trusted us with their business.