Web Content Management System

A Web Content Management System (CMS) allows non-technical individuals to create, change, update and post web pages quickly and easily without the need for technical assistance or without having any know-how to program web pages or upload files to a web server.

All that’s really needed is a workflow process such as the simple three steps below:

  1. New content created by whomever
  2. Someone in-charge to review the new content and to approve its publishing on the web site.
  3. Post the new content on the web site using the user-friendly CMS.

Pros of CMS

A web content management system makes it very easy to create, categorize and publish content to one’s web site, to search one’s web site for relevant content and quickly introduce new features to your web site such as calendars, maps, blogs, etc.  In addition, CMS provides out-of-the-box optimization for search engines.